According to the Webster’s New World Student’s

Dictionary, the defintion of contain is:

v. (verb: action: Spanx) 1. to have in it; enclose or include

2. to be able to hold; be equal to  3. to hold back; control

or restrain.

I learned from Oprah to release the fullness of myself.

enter Spanx.

Women Want More , by Michael J. Silversein

and Kate Sayre, states that women in the U.S.

have the greatest influence over purchase and consumption-more

than 72% of total spending is controlled by women. This makes

Spanx every woman’s new best friend and the #1 container.


P.S. Introducing Spanx for Men, a product of equal opportunity.

~ by 2recreate on March 1, 2010.

2 Responses to “Contain”

  1. Need some more time to fugure the meening of SPANX although it sounds interesting…..

  2. I know I can enjoy my life more when I am “contained.” Without my container, which is also my best friend and silent partner (a.k.a. my Spanx), I would feel out of control of my life. What would I do without God, Oprah, my sister, and Spanx to help lighten my load and lift my.., I mean spirits.

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