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In time we will each find our own rhythm,

rooted by rich soil and quiet renewal.

Observing this worker in the vineyard last

Sunday, I was reminded of the Amish and

how they are committed to the mastery of

farming the land to grow things and do

work they feel is purposeful. They are

not seeking satisfaction in having more.

While they labor, they get close to God.

In the silence of the moment, in the

stillness of the morning, I found this to be

my sanctuary of meditation and gratitude for

having enough.

~ by 2recreate on March 23, 2010.

4 Responses to “Meditation”


    i LOVE it…if this is the same as this afternoon, than i was dead wrong…you wrote a fabulous piece that is clearly thoughtful & sincere of the moment…great picture & delicate wording.

    perfection ❤

  2. Beautiful, Soles!

    It all comes down to “gratitude for having enough,” doesn’t it? It’s lovely how you distilled that truth in your photo and your words.

    Blessings to you!

  3. Ah Robin — another winner! I was initially disappointed when you said you were changing your header photo, but I think the new one is wonderful — it gives more of a sense of positive direction and renewal, rather than of a sad, lonely wandering soul. It’s growth and greenness, not grimness and grayness.

    Your message is stunningly simple and simultaneously complex. I love the way the words analogizing the vineyard worker and the Amish farmer are framed by phrases that create a sense of serenity — sanctuary, silence, rootedness, renewal. As are your other entries, it’s intensely personal — and yet each reader can interpret and internalize it in their own individual way.

    And the photo of the vineyard worker is stunning. His hands, although obscured, must be as gnarled as the vines he works; and his rounded back is in symmetry with the bent vines. Beautiful composition — you can sense the dignity, and yet the resignation, of the entire scene.

    Very evocative, very thought-provoking, very beautiful. Thank you for awakening my soul once again.

  4. Rob- Nice job! You have always had some connection to the Amish, like when you sent me that book about them and their lifestyles. Nice reference. Great photos! I also find MY closeness to God when I wash my windows every spring with Lady Blacksmith Mambazo CD on. The music and the work always makes me feel closer to God. Oh yeah, going to the Highland games and watching the March of the Clans -about 400 people in kilts and bagpipes-also makes me feel closer to God. That is the great thing about it all…God is so portable! He can go with you anywhere!

    You always do such a great job on this blog.

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